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2014 BPMA Gala Online Discussion

Some of you may know that I've taken on a role as Vice President and Chief Evangelist for the Boston Product Management Association. The BPMA is the second-largest professional association for product managers and product marketers, after the SVPMA, and I am honored to be involved.

My job is chiefly to acquaint you, product people, with the benefits of joining the association and becoming involved as a volunteer. My pitch is no more complicated than pointing out that involvement with your profession will help you to be a better product person, to make the great products people really get value from. And if you're reading this blog, I presume you are interested in that.

I'll give you two ways you can act on that interest right now.

First, you can sign up for an upcoming BPMA event. These monthly happening occur in the evening at a variety of locations around Boston. They include networking as well as professional development workshops and interactive presentations.

Second, you can read about the 2014 Gala that took place earlier this month at the Museum of Science Boston. The summary, slides, and videos are all available on the BPMA website at the link above. Then join in the dialog with Jeff Bussgang -- Boston area VC and our keynote speaker -- about the rapid evolution of the product management profession.

We've set up a LinkedIn discussion about the topic and anyone is welcome to sign up and weigh in with questions or opinions. 

What are you waiting for? Take this opportunity to amp up your product powers!

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