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Apple Proves to Google that Usability Leads to Usage

Apple Insider reports that "Google on Wednesday said it has seen 50 times more search requests coming from Apple iPhones than any other mobile handset -- a revelation so astonishing that the company originally suspected it had made an error culling its own data."

Maybe that's because using the net on more traditional handheld devices is so gawdawful. I've had numerous internet-enabled phones but I've never found the usability adequate enough that I wasn't willing to wait until I got back to my computer to get to what I wanted. By putting a real browser and a usable input paradigm (in other words no more Blackberry 3 clicks for every 1 you'd normally have to make) in the iPhone, Apple has made the mobile net usable.

Another one for the water is wet category, I guess. Now if they'd only add 1 32-gig model and Exchange compatibility. 3G would be nice, too. 

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