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BPMA Product Excellence Awards

Readers of ProductPowers know that I've held a Hall of Fame and Shame awards program in the winter for a number of years. Some of you may also know that this year I am Vice President and Chief Evangelist for the Boston Product Management Association (BPMA). Collision of these things has resulted in a new Product Excellence Awards program sponsored by the BPMA.

Call for Nominations

If you, your team, or someone you admire has overcome market challenges, developed something truly innovative, changed your industry, pushed the envelope of best practices, or otherwise demonstrated some epic product management joojoo, this is an opportunity for recognition.

Just fill out this form with a few bits of information, including why you think an award is warranted.

Voting by Our Peers

Here's how it works. Through the end of September, anyone can nominate anyone else via the form above. During the month of October, BPMA members (all 3,000+ of us) will vote on which nominees they think are most worthy based on the descriptions provided. The top 3-5 vote getters will become finalists.

Judging by Experts

Those finalists will be invited to present their case study at the November BPMA event at the Harvard Innovation Lab. I will moderate a panel of judges from industry and academia who will listen, ask questions, and evaluate the finalists, in a Top Chef-style bake off.

Awards Gala

In January, the BPMA will hold its Annual Gala event at the Charles River Museum of Science and Industry in Waltham. There the judges will recap their findings and announce the overall winner of the Product Excellence Award.

Who will you nominate? What Boston-area product, product manager, or company comes to mind when you think of product excellence? Act now as nominations close Sep 30th. 

Reader Comments (1)

Nominations are closed and we've received 9 nominations from Boston area product folks. We're int he process of validating eligibility and willingness to stand for the award from each. All confirmed nominees will present their business case to the judges Nov 18 at the Harvard iLab. Register for your seat: http://www.bostonproducts.org/events/event_details.asp?id=382204&group=

November 2, 2014 | Registered CommenterBruce McCarthy

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