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How Your Customers Can Hold You Back

In the introductory post to the Dirty Dozen Roadmap Roadblocks series, I said that:

“Rather than just taking requests, listening for unsolved problems in your market (and doing something about them) is the best way to avoid a roadmap that's really just a popularity contest.”

For this fifth entry in the series, I could think of nothing better than a guest post I wrote for my friend and self-described product ninja, Shardul Mehta, on his excellent blog, Street Smart Product Manager.

Roadmaps Are Not a Popularity Contest

The name of this blog has changed since I wrote that post, but the principles remain the same. In it you will learn:

  • Why Dell Idea Storm never went anywhere
  • The dangers of relying on customer requests for setting direction
  • When quantitative customer input is useful

Check it out and leave a comment for Shardul to let him know you appreciate him providing a forum for issues important to product people.

Struggling With Too Many Customer Requests?

If your organization’s roadmap is bogged down with many incremental requests from customers, feel free to pick a 30-minute slot to chat with me. I’m happy to help.

You may also be interested my popular roadmapping presentation from ProductCamp Boston, or in Reqqs, the smart roadmap tool for product people.

Use your product powers for good.

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